Optimer Brands, the parent company of the drirelease brand of “wicking, drying, cooling and freshening” textiles, is launching a series of substances for infusion during the manufacture of fabrics to produce such effects as dynamic temperature control, skin-soothing and “fresh garment confidence.” Lee Thompson, the company’s business development manager, describes the series, itself called Optimer, as a “resource to our brand partners’ design, innovation, raw material, product development and sourcing teams.” It consists of the antimicrobial and hypoallergenic FreshGuard Odor Control; the antibacterial, insect-repelling and odor-resistant FreshGuard with Tea Tree Oil, with biologically based bio- microencapsulation; the antioxidant Soothe with Aloe Vera, also with bio-based microencapsulation; and Adapt with Phase Change, which liquefies in heat to cool the body and solidifies in the cold to release previously stored body heat back to the body.