Nordic BioTech Group has accelerated the market entry of NordShield® BioLayr, an antimicrobial technology for consumer fibers, in consideration of the growing demand for protection against viruses and bacteria during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. NordShield BioLayr is said to provide textiles used in garments or shoes as well as accessories like gloves with a durable antimicrobial layer that offers 99 percent antiviral and antibacterial protection. This new technology is free of heavy metals, in contrast with standard antimicrobial treatments, which are based on heavy metals such as silver and copper. Furthermore, the new technology keeps its antimicrobial efficacy for a minimum of 30 washes, the company claims. Nordic BioTech Group, branded as NordShield, is a Finnish biotech company, founded in 2016 and headquartered in Espoo.