Backpack specialist Osprey from Colorado has teamed up with Hyosung, a fiber manufacturer from South Korea, to launch a sustainable pack collection for spring 2021. Osprey will feature Hyosung’s new GRS-certified Mipan® regen robic high-tenacity nylon in its best-selling, multi-sport Talon/Tempest series, which has been completely redesigned and expanded for Spring 2021.

Hyosung’s regen robic nylon is made with 100% reclaimed waste, which saves valuable resources from being removed from the earth. According to Mike Simko, Hyosung‘s global marketing director, for every kilo of recycled nylon his company makes, six to seven kilos of CO2 eq. of Global Warming Potential are saved. Osprey’s new Talon/Tempest features one of the first commercial uses of this innovative fabric.