Primus, the Swedish stove specialist, has released its new Winter Gas, which increases low temperature performance of LP gas cartridges by using Vapour Mesh inside the cartridge. Vapour Mesh is made from absorbent paper and increases the surface for the evaporation process. By that means, LP gas can change from liquid to gas easier and faster, making the Winter Gas deliver better in temperatures down to –22°C than a conventional canister. Typically, liquified gas does not evaporate properly the colder it gets. The company has also released two more gas blends, the new Primus Summer Gas and Primus Power Gas, which come in a cartridge without Vapour Mesh. Summer Gas is a gas blend of propane and butane optimized for summer conditions. At temperatures of +15°C and above, conventional gas blends tend to overpower most stoves, making them less efficient and resulting in higher fuel consumption than needed. Primus' new Power Gas consists of a mixture of propane and isobutane that makes it particularly versatile and a suitable solution for situations where the weather and temperature conditions are uncertain. Primus, which sells in over 70 countries and whose products for outdoor use were tested in expeditions by such pioneers as Roald Amundsen and Sir Edmund Hillary, will bring the new gas cartridges to market in fall 2014.