Sympatex has unveiled a shock image campaign to further raise awareness in the textile industry of sustainability and environmental protection. The campaign, which asks consumers “In which world do you want to live? It is in your hands,” will be presented at the OutDoor show in Friedrichshafen on June 17-20. It is also being launched internationally in specialist and consumer magazines and digital formats. The new campaign uses a shock attitude to drive the message that the textile industry already produces more CO² emissions than the aviation and shipping industries together. It does this by producing 80 billion garments annually, about twice as many as 15 years ago, and 23 billion pairs of shoes. The main images of the campaign depict the grim world that awaits our children if we do not act immediately. Piles of plastic, eroded landscapes, drought or species extinctions are all evidence of the massive pollution caused by humanity. Counter posed in the foreground are images of the world that could be retained if sustainable action is taken today.