Texon, a UK-based producer of materials for the footwear industry, has unveiled a new insole technology that is based on 85 percent recycled polyester (rPET) and is 100 percent recyclable.

Texon Ecoline is produced with a special fusion-bonded process that enhances the internal bond structure of the material’s fibers, which are randomly arranged. According to Texon, this manufacturing method makes the material stronger while retaining the thin, lightweight qualities needed for insole applications. It also uses up to 50 percent less energy per square meter of material and consumes less water and chemicals.

Texon says the material is up to 32 percent lighter than similar materials, suitable for most types of footwear and offers “excellent” moisture absorption and dispersal qualities. It also has a high sole bond adhesion with neoprene and polyurethane (PU) adhesives.

Texon has integrated the new insole technology into its take-back program for solid waste recycling, which enables footwear producers to return offcuts to the company to create more of the same product, reducing material sent to landfill and saving manufacturer’s waste disposal costs.

Earlier this year, Texon announced plans over the next five years to reduce its carbon footprint and use of virgin raw materials – particularly cellulose – by 50 percent, to increase the portion of recyclable or reusable waste in its total to 90 percent, and reduce its water consumption and water waste by 20 percent.