Adidas Outdoor has appointed Viking Nord Pool as its exclusive agent for the Italian market on an experimental basis, starting with the spring/summer 2014 collection. Adidas was previously covering the Italian market through its own sales subsidiary for its outdoor products, but it had little success with outdoor specialty retailers. Viking, an Italian company that has nothing to do with the Norwegian shoe company of the same name, has already opened some doors for Adidas Outdoor, and it will also work with generalist retailers. The agency, which was founded in 1979, works with other outdoor brands such as FiveTen and Rab. Adidas Outdoor decided to make the move in Italy after a similar successful move in the U.S., where it distributor has opened some 500 specialty doors for its range. On the other hand, Adidas Outdoor has started a direct relationship with the biggest generalist retailer in the country, Dick's Sporting Goods, with a dedicated display in ten stores.