Source: blue-tomato.com

Blue Tomato, the Austrian-based action sports retailer, will open its 50th store on March 12. The new store, covering 400 square meters, will be located in Ulm in Southern Germany. Blue Tomato opened its first store in Finland in October last year and another store in Amsterdam in September 2019. It currently has 48 physical stores operating in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The action sports retailer has been expanding its presence in the physical retail industry in the past years, and it is already the world’s largest online retailer for snowboard, freeski, skateboard, surf and streetstyle products. Zumiez, the U.S.-based parent company of Blue Tomato, currently operates 711 stores, with 607 in the U.S.A., 51 in Canada, 43 in Europe and 10 in Australia. Blue Tomato offers more than 450,000 products and recorded total sales of €98 million in 2019. The company employs 600 people. The company’s online store is available in 14 languages.