Edelrid, the leading German supplier of climbing gear, will stop distributing the well-known Diamir line of touring ski bindings that are made and marketed by Fritschi, the Swiss specialty manufacturer of ski bindings, after the next winter season. Fritschi decided to go directly onto the Swiss market in order to protect its margins from the appreciation of the Swiss franc. Edelrid agreed to end the deal with Fritschi, but it now has apparently new plans of its own for a counter-seasonal activity. At the OutDoor show in Friedrichshafen, Edelrid presented the first full line of apparel for the next spring season, following its acquisition last March of the assets and trade name of Monkee, a German brand of climbing apparel that uses sustainable materials, as well as its first full lightweight series with six new products. The line includes a harness that weighs 80 grams.