Monoprix, part of Casino Group, is planning to offer products for urban mobility at its downtown stores. A pilot of “La Station,” the name that was chosen for this new area of the store, has been set at the Monoprix store in Paris Montparnasse. This particular store was recently reopened after renovation and features a new retail concept for the company, which combines products, a focus on French lifestyle as well as services, with shared spaces where customers can stop and work if they wish, among other things.

Monoprix stores sell food as well as clothing, hardware and household items. Most of the stores are located in city centers. The chain is planning to set the new “stations” at 20 more stores during 2021, including some suburban locations. The future of the project will however depend on the feedback from the pilot at Paris Montparnasse, the company said. The stations will sell everyday products for cyclists, skateboarders and scooter users. There will also be a “mini station-service” at the store entrance, where customers will be able to re-inflate tires and make small repairs using the tools provided by the store.