GSI Outdoors, the U.S. company specializing in outdoor cookware, has made several adjustments to its European distribution in the last months. It sealed an agreement with Venta Sport in Germany, starting from the beginning of 2015 and replacing a partnership with Relags, a big trading company. Venta Sport, which already sells Adventure Food, is meant to give GSI Outdoors more exposure in German stores. GSI Outdoors parted ways with its Swiss and Austrian distributors as well. New partnerships should be finalized within weeks for these countries as well as the Baltics. GSI Outdoors' European business is guided by Andreas Ruhs, a consultant based in Germany. He started advising the U.S. company three years ago, shortly after it opened a warehouse in the Netherlands. Earlier this year GSI Outdoors' distribution was expanded with Raven Outdoor in Poland and Künzi in Italy.