Izas Outdoor of Spain has withdrawn from Amazon Vendor and other low-price marketplaces and is seeking to replace the resulting revenues by entering into new markets, according to CMDsport. The first stage of the new strategy takes aim at the Americas. To enter the U.S., Izas has come to terms with a distributor in Seattle, while in the southern hemisphere it has opened a first subsidiary, Izas Chile, as a hub for Latin America. The company was already selling in Chile and Colombia, but the new arrangement will channel sales of all its product lines through several large retailers in the former country – with Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Mexico to come. The strategy's second stage entails dispatching products from Izas' manufacturers in Asia directly to the U.S., obviating the need for an American subsidiary. Until now, Izas has sold its mountaineering gear exclusively in Europe, in markets such as Portugal, France, Italy, the U.K., Greece and Slovenia. It now expects to boost the share of exports in its revenues from 30 to at least 50 percent.