Lorpen has made a number of strides recently to extend the reach of its technical socks. In the U.S., the Spanish brand has signed a marketing deal with Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI), the outdoor cooperative website based in Sumner, Washington, and has been working with the retailer Dunham's Sports. In Europe, it has signed a similar deal with Germany's Schuster sporting goods chain for fall/winter 2019. And a few months ago, in Canada, it signed a deal with Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) for its winter 2020 collection. Lorpen is already working with two other Canadian sporting-goods retailers, FGL and Sail. Lorpen designs and produces its socks in the Pyrenees but is now doing about 70 percent of its business outside of Spain, with sales in some 60 countries. It has been part of the Ternua Group since 2014.