A band of a dozen individuals entered the Moncler boutique on boulevard Saint-Germain, in the elegant and trendy 6th district of Paris, on Friday, Dec. 11, and stole as many jackets of the brand as they could grab in a matter of seconds. The hooded individuals required the security guard to let them in, without violence and in broad daylight, stole the items and walked out, jackets under their arms as if nothing had happened. Neither the security guard nor the store manager intervened, to avoid making matters worse. Several media broadcast the images of the surreal scene, captured by the video surveillance cameras installed inside the store.

The carefully orchestrated robbery took place the day after Moncler affirmed its premium positioning in the luxury sportswear segment by opening a sprawling flagship store on the other side of the river Seine, located on famous Avenue des Champs-Elysées. It uses precious materials like polished marble and tempered bronze. It is the brand’s third mono-brand store in Paris and the brand’s largest one in the world.

Photo: Moncler surveillance video still