Differentiating itself from other ski companies, the Rossignol Group is launching a new program of sustainability and corporate social responsibility called “Respect.” The program calls for, among other things, a 40 percent cut in the waste generated by Rossignol’s manufacturing by 2025 and a 30 percent cut in carbon emissions by 2030. The company aims to be carbon-neutral by 2050. It is already headed in this direction, notably with the launch of a very ecological freeride ski for the next winter season, the Blackops, which has won an Ispo Award. The group’s chief executive, Bruno Cercley, said that the company was reacting to customers’ demands for more transparency and greater use of recycled products. Outlining many other initiatives, including the signing of the United Nations Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, he said he felt that the group had an obligation to take action against climate change because it is the biggest company in the ski sector, with a market share of 21 percent, and because there is a real risk that many ski resorts will be left without snow in the future. More in SGI Europe.