The Lafuma Group has announced that Calida Holding has carried out its planned acquisition of 2.5 million new shares in the company at a price of €14 per share, for a total investment of €35 million. It thus holds now 50.65 percent of Lafuma's equity and voting shares. Felix Sulzberger, chief executive of Calida and Lafuma, owns another 0.37 percent. Three representatives of Calida have joined six other members of Lafuma's board of directors for a duration of six years. In a subsequent phase, which may take place in mid-January, other existing shareholders will be able to buy new shares of Lafuma at a price of €9 each, for a further investment of €10 million. The refinancing plan had already been proposed by Calida. It was approved by Lafuma's shareholders and stock exchange authorities at the end of last week. Meanwhile. Sulzberger has announced that the latter's head office will be moved from Anneyron to Annecy, where Millet, Oxbow and other textile operations of the group are currently located.