Citing “budget and human reasons,” the organizers of Destinations Nature, the premier consumer-oriented outdoor show in France, have decided to merge it with the larger tourism fair in Paris, the Salon Mondial du Tourisme, starting next year. The two fairs were taking place in Paris every year one week after the other, but 28 percent of their visitors attended both events last March. Because they complement each other, only 14 exhibitors showed at both fairs. In 2015, the two shows will be held simultaneously from March 19-22, with a total of around 900 exhibitors and targeting 130,000 visitors. They will have separate entrances and distinct visual identities, but a single ticket will give access to both. The two fairs will be coordinated by Marianne Charnedagor of Comexposium, who has been organizing the tourism fair in Paris as well as those that take place in three other French cities. Previously called Salon de la Randonnée, or hiking fair, Destinations Nature is a 30-year-old show owned by Rando Expo. Its last edition featured 350 exhibitors and welcomed 62,000 visitors in three days. Its organizers want to attract more leading outdoor brands and continue to attract younger consumers as well as families.