Confirming our earlier report on the subject, the organizers of the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City said that the Summer Market will start like the Winter Market on a Wednesday and finish on a Saturday. Like before, it will be preceded by a demo event on the eve of the trade show. Noting that they were using the change of dates to fundamentally improve and adjust the way in which hotel rooms are allocated through the show's official housing partner, Travel Planners, they added that the process would start sometime in late November. Housing planning will also be available online at The organizers will also improve bus shuttle services in and around Salt Lake City during the trade fair. Visitors will benefit from a new travel guide for public transportation. The change of dates at OR applies to the winter and summer events through 2014. The new dates are: Jan. 23-26, 2013; July 31-Aug. 3, 2013; Jan. 22-25, 2012; Aug. 6-9, 2013.