The OutDoor by Ispo 2020 show, on June 28 to July 1 in Munich, will present some new features. According to an interview on with Markus Hefter, exhibition group director of OutDoor by Ispo and Ispo Munich, the organizers surveyed some of the 22,000 visitors of last year’s OutDoor by Ispo, which took place for the first time in Munich on June 30 to July 3. At the time, the exhibition area consisted of nine halls and an outdoor area. Vast central aisles and an open stand design ensured a marketplace atmosphere but also made some of the 1,018 exhibitors feel there were fewer visitors on the floor. In addition, visitor flow was unsatisfactory in Hall C.

For 2020, OutDoor by Ispo is optimizing its layout, occupying only Halls A and B, with access to the atrium, and narrowing the central aisles. Other criticism concerned the outdoor area, which was separated last year from the main events in the halls, and the lack of a genuine outdoor feel, especially at the campsite. The new concept provides for an integrated outdoor area in the atrium between Halls A and B. Exhibitors in this area will have an additional presentation opportunity in the adjacent hall. The campsite for exhibitors and visitors will also be expanded, with more green areas, a central fireplace, better sanitary facilities and optimized catering.

In addition, OutDoor by Ispo has expanded its online invitation and matchmaking tool, “Altogether in Munich,” to eight languages.


Source: Messe München GmbH