Ispo is launching a market introduction program (MIP) for Europe on Feb. 4-7, before and during the upcoming Ispo Munich. It comes after the MIP in China, which started in 2008 and is still organized twice a year at Ispo Beijing and Ispo Shanghai to help brands find distribution partners and prepare for market entry. The MIP is developed and organized by Ispo´s Scandinavian representative, HuginBiz, and led by Martin Kössler, chairman of Bergans of Norway and former general secretary of the Scandinavian Outdoor Group. Kössler also developed the program for Europe, which includes networking events with key distributors and agents, a retail tour and high-level seminar programs. Speakers include Rolf Schmid, the former chief executive of Mammut Sports Group and chairman of the European Outdoor Group, as well as Kössler himself. The program is targeting brand executives who want a thorough introduction to the European sports and outdoor market's distribution patterns, market mechanisms and business development challenges. The seminars also feature sessions relating to marketing strategies, the legal framework and the retail buying process in the European market. The MIP for Europe has drawn strong interest from American, Korean, Japanese and Chinese, as well as European brands. More information about the MIPs is available on