L'Uomo Libero (=The Free Man), a new Italian-based association for international solidarity and cooperation, is planning to organize a special new trekking expedition along the Italian Alps that is expected to last about 70 days between next July and September to commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War One. Called Ta-Pum to imitate the sound of cannon shots, it will run for a total of 1,489 kilometers along the front of the war, involving historians, journalists, photographers, sportsmen and enthusiasts. The idea of the project came from Walter Pilo, who runs a restaurant at Nago, Il Fortino, in a former fort that overlooks Lake Garda. He had a grandfather from Sardinia and another from Austria who fought under opposing armies. Curiously, his Italian grandfather fought in a brigade run by Eugenio Di Maria, grandfather of the publisher of this newsletter, who died in a battle at Casera Zebio along the military front on June 27, 1916, earning a gold medal.