Our assumptions were right. Next year's European Outdoor Summit (EOS) will be held in Italy. The venue will be the beautiful city of Venice. The 2017 edition of the EOS will be staged in partnership with the Italian Outdoor Group and Assosport, which recently agreed to join forces for this and other initiatives. Held in Barcelona last Sept. 29 and 30, the fourth edition of the EOS was hailed as a success because of the high quality of the speakers and delegates. It was difficult to secure the presence of speakers like Rick Ridgeway, vice president of public engagement at Patagonia, who got a warm, standing ovation at the end his speech. In contrast with previous editions, where national trade associations pitched in, this one was entirely organized by the European Outdoor Group. It was attended by more than 250 professionals from all over Europe and beyond. The organizers were expecting about 300 delegates like in previous years, but they managed to cover costs thanks to the support of sponsors like Ispo, Gore-Tex and Black Yak. We have covered most of the main speeches elsewhere in this issue.