The Microfibre Consortium, a non-profit organization registered in the UK, will hold an online edition of its Fibre Fragmentation Summit on March 23-26, 2021 in partnership with Planet Textiles, a well-known sustainability event owned by the publisher of Ecotextile News.

Since the inaugural Microfibre Leadership Summit in 2017, new studies, innovations, methodologies and policy discussions have elevated global awareness of microfiber pollution. The Microfibre Consortium says, however, that there is still a huge knowledge gap about the exact scale, sources, fates and impacts of textile fiber fragmentation, with the best practices for mitigating shedding only just beginning to emerge. The new online summit will aim to tackle these key issues.

The Fibre Fragmentation Summit will provide an online platform, spread out over a 4-day period, to convene global apparel and textiles brands, supply chain partners, legislators, NGOs, academics and other thought leaders for the next round of cross discipline presentations, discussions and action planning. Participants can expect research updates from leading academics on fiber fragmentation, overviews of emerging tools and methods designed to guide low-shed material development, insights from technology providers that support a portfolio approach to emerging solutions, global collaborative commitment to elevating and driving impact, breakout sessions to identify and commit to new areas of focus and virtual networking across sectors and geographies. The Fibre Fragmentation Summit will also deliver outputs in the form of a summary report, including an actions roadmap to drive progress on microfiber pollution following the event.