The European Outdoor Film Tour, now in its 19th year, will be premiering its 2019/20 edition on Oct. 9 at the Alte Kongresshalle in Munich, Germany. This edition's documentaries include Nina Williams: Highly Illogical, about the highball bouldering of the climber Nina Williams, who is striving to be the first woman to repeat Alex Honnold's “Too Big To Flail” route in California; Contraddiction, about the professional snowboarder Elias Elhardt's struggle to reconcile living in the mountains with preserving them; Le Minimaliste, in which Eliott Schonfeld tries to cross the Himalayas with no technical clothing or equipment; Return to Earth, about mountain biking for children and teenagers; The Movement, a celebration of all kinds of running; The Longest Hole, about Mongolia's “most dangerous golf course in the world”; Africa Riding: Karim, about skating through the unpaved streets of Rwanda; and Zeppelin Skiing, about freeriding by zeppelin. There will also be a film about the 21st Century Adventurer Award, which has four nominees: Antoine Girard, Tamara Lunger, Sarah McNair-Landry and Ben Stookesberry. The award will be presented at the premiere, after which the E.O.F.T. 19/20 will undertake its tour of some 500 events in 20 countries. Further information is available at A trailer previewing the documentaries is available at