The most recent edition of the Kendal Outdoor Retail Show (KORS), which took place in Kendal, in England's Lake District, in July of this year, was the last. The organizers of the show have announced that starting in 2019, KORS will merge with the Outdoor Trade Show (OTS) in Manchester. The decision follows a similar move by another Kendal event, the Reliable Outdoor Kit Show (ROKS), which announced at the end of 2017 that it would join the Manchester show (see The Outdoor Industry Compass – Vol. 10 n. 20, 21 of 06/11/2017). Although they were both held in Kendal, ROKS and KORS were staged at two different sites, with a shuttle bus taking visitors from one site to the other in the last years. The OTS itself had previously been held elsewhere. It took place in Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, but moved to Manchester for the first time this year. The British outdoor industry will therefore showcase its products at a single, combined trade show in 2019, which will run at Event City in Manchester on July 9-11. The show is reserved for professionals and is not open to the general public.