The OutDoor show is offering a new opportunity to experience a “microadventure” in the region of Friedrichshafen to a limited number of participants during the afternoon, the evening and the night before the start of the exhibition at 9 AM on Sunday, June 16. They will not be able to use digital devices. They will have to cook their own food and sleep under the stars. The excursion will start on Saturday around 3 PM at Deggenhausertal, a drive of about 30 minutes from the exhibition center. The participants will be given a brief tutorial on orienteering with a map and a compass to reach an area where they will find the best spot for camping, using a tarpaulin, cords and material found in the forest. A campfire is included in the program, obviously depending on the weather. Applications are accepted from anybody aged 18 and older. Participation is free of charge.