Vaude has been honored with the Demography Excellence Award 2017, in the category “fremd & heimisch” (foreign and familiar), for its commitment to refugees. The company accepted the award at a ceremony at the Hotel InterContinental in Berlin on Aug. 31. The Demography Excellence Award has been presented since 2009, initially by the Forum Baden-Württemberg of the Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater, and since 2013 in cooperation with the Demographie Netzwerk. This year's awards were given in 11 categories. The other nominees in the category “fremd & heimisch” included Deutsche Bahn, Siemens, and the Diakonie Werk of the Evangelische Landeskirche Baden. In October 2016, Vaude organized an Open House for refugees, who had a chance to participate in training sessions in job applications. Since then, the company has offered permanent positions to nine refugees from seven different countries. Starting this year, Vaude has also been offering a German language course to its employees, free of charge, in order to facilitate the integration of its staff from a linguistic and cultural point of view.