SmartWool, a wholly-owned subsidiary of VF Corporation, has completed the renovation of its global headquarters at Steamboat Springs, Colorado, its design center in Boulder, and its development center in Tennessee. At a cost of $2.2 million, the renovation of the three offices has taken nearly four years of planning and more than a year of construction. The new head office allows for a 30 percent increase in the company's employee base, a target that will suit its growth plan for the next decade. The new aesthetic was conceived to reflect the company's passion for the outdoors, with floor-to-ceiling windows and a modular floor plan allowing for various layouts inside that can extend to outdoor meeting areas. The company endeavoured to reduce, recycle, and reuse items, in line with its ethical position. More than 300 books and 40 computers, with the volunteer hours to set them up, were donated to local schools, while furniture was either reused in the new space, given to employees or donated to local non-profit organizations. A new recycling center has been installed, which includes a full composting unit that will help fertilize the new SmartWool community gardens. Furthermore, a filtered water faucet has been installed to reduce the use of plastic water bottles.