According to the Spanish trade magazine Tradesport, MLS Textiles – owner of the 30-year-old, family-run company Lurbel – has redirected part of its production in the Spanish city of Ontinyent, in Valencia province. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the factory there has added gloves and masks to its usual run of socks, apparel and sports accessories. In particular, the company is consulting health professionals to develop complementary mid-layer products to relieve the skin of nurses and doctors who must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) day in and day out. The base material for these is the company’s proprietary textile Regenactiv, which received a patent about a decade ago, leading to the founding in 2015 of the Muvu brand of dermatologic textiles, and is used in the Bmax line of anti-blister socks. Regenactiv consists mostly of a plant-based cellulose fiber mixed with a fiber derived from mollusks and crustaceans. Products made with it, MLS claims, can be washed at high temperature and reused some 135 times.