Earlier this week, some media reported that the ski manufacturer has stopped production at its Tecnica Group Ski Excellence Center in Mittersill, Austria, which has triggered various suspicions and rumors regarding the Covid-19 situation. The Tecnica Group has now officially commented and clarified that the Tecnica Group and its production company Blizzard Sport GmbH in Mittersill are doing well economically. The Group is working successfully with the aim of offering its customers the best winter sports products in the segment. To this end, the Group is constantly investing in R&D and production facilities. Despite the uncertain business environment caused by Covid-19, the Tecnica Group is launching numerous product innovations and new developments this year. The current business development of the Tecnica Group is about 10 percent above the market development of the winter sports industry.

The previously mentioned production break at the Mittersill site takes place at this time every year and is implemented in the Tecnica Group’s production plan for the long term. The Group’s skis are produced over the summer for operational reasons, with production being completed by early December. There are no short-term or unusual changes to the production plan and there are no redundancies. The annual production break concerns - as usual - only the production personnel. All other employees in sales, customer service and marketing work in normal operation in Mittersill.