Allied Feather & Down says it has hit the milestone of 100 percent third-party certification for its global down supply chain for all its partners. The milestone has been reached ahead of the 2017 goal. More than 75 percent of its down was already certified through the Responsible Down Standard (RDS), and more than 3 percent through the Traceable Down Standard (TDS). The certifications help ensure that Allied's down is produced from humanely treated birds – for example, without plucking from live animals or animals confined in tight spaces. Allied said that while 100 percent of its supply chain is now certified, it still has some clients who choose not to carry certification forward, generally due to the related financial and administrative commitments. As a consequence, there are still down products from certain brands containing material from Allied's supply chain that are not certified. Allied said it is working closely with all organizations and supply chain partners to help remedy this situation.