BASF Corporation, the North American affiliate of BASF, has launched the e3 Sustainable Cotton Grower Fund, a new fund to provide monetary support for cotton farmers in the e3 Sustainable Cotton program. Brands, retailers, mills and other partners in the cotton fiber value chain who source e3 Sustainable Cotton will have the opportunity to contribute a monetary amount to the fund. At the end of each year, the totality of those funds will be distributed equally to e3 Sustainable Cotton farmers, in addition to a $2.50 per bale premium that BASF provides to farmers enrolled in the program. Farmers who are part of the e3 program commit to tracking eight sustainability measures with 100 percent of their cotton acres, ranging from pesticide and water use management to soil conservation and greenhouse gas emissions reduction. The cotton they grow can be traced from an individual cotton bale in their field all the way to the end consumer through a series of digital platforms.