Cotopaxi, the U.S.-based outdoor gear and apparel brand and charitable organization, has released its annual Impact Report with reference to the Global Reporting Initiative. The report aims to provide balanced and quantified information about the brand’s holistic corporate social responsibility performance and donations through the Cotopaxi Foundation.

The report highlights Cotopaxi’s progress on sustainable product design, sustainable supply chain management, the donation mask program, and corporate philanthropy. To respond to the multiple humanitarian crises triggered and exacerbated by Covid-19, Cotopaxi says it has leveraged its operations to increase donations, support factory workers and recycle material waste.

As Cotopaxi faced numerous uncertainties alongside its peers and stakeholders, the management implemented numerous measures to respond to the crisis. In 2020, the foundation awarded grants totaling nearly $1 million to address the social impact of the pandemic. A portion of the funds came from the more than 10,000 clients who donated to Cotopaxi-supported nonprofit organizations and programs. The Impact Report details how these efforts and campaigns contributed to helping over 800,000 people.

In addition to the donations, the report also shares that in 2020, the company met its goal of using responsible, recycled or reused materials to manufacture 90 percent of its products. The brand hopes to manufacture 100 percent of its product from these materials by the end of 2021. It also aims to become climate neutral in 2021. Also, the Cotopaxi Foundation’s grant program will be expanded to include additional diversity and inclusion partners.

To view the Cotopaxi 2020 Impact Report, please click here.