Expanding on their collaboration for the production of 100 percent recyclable sandals made with PLUSfoam material, Patagonia Footwear and PLUS Compound Technologies have now launched incentive programs to encourage consumers to recycle their used PLUSfoam flip flops. In view of the end of the summer season, Patagonia is offering consumers the possibility to recycle their used PLUSfoam flips either by returning them with free shipping or by dropping them in any Patagonia store's Common Threads Recycling Bin. The service is made available for men's and women's PLUSfoam footwear products including the Flipcycle, Reflip, ReFlip Chip and Upflip sandals. According to Patagonia, using PLUSfoam in its spring/summer 2012 and 2013 collections prevented approximately 10,000 pounds of scrap waste from entering landfills and incinerators. The Plus Compounds and PLUSfoam used to make the flip-flops is an alternative to the traditional rubber, EVA and polyurethane foams typically used to make flip-flop sandals, whose production scrap can account for 15 - 40 percent waste.