Icebug claims to have become the first climate-positive outdoor shoe company. After the summer of 2018, Icebug, which specializes in making shoes with a good grip, made the promise to be climate-positive by 2020. Since then, the issue has been a high priority for the company, which managed to achieve this goal at the end of February 2019. Icebug chose to follow a program of the United Nations, “Climate Neutral Now,” which consists of three steps: Measuring total greenhouse gas emissions, including production, operations and transport; working actively to reduce emissions as much as possible; compensating for unavoidable emissions every year by investing in projects that reduce greenhouse gases and are certified by the UN. For Icebug, the biggest challenge was to measure emissions from production, where the company chose to make an estimate in the absence of exact figures. To be sure of achieving its goal, the company overestimated its emissions by 30 percent.