JanSport, owned by VF Corp., launched the second phase of its #LightenTheLoad campaign in the U.S., created to drive open conversations around Gen Z and mental health. Half of the brand’s target consumer, the Gen Z population, according to the American Psychology Association, feels they adequately manage their stress while three out of ten say they feel anxious or nervous almost every day. The campaign demonstrates to Gen Z that JanSport understands a key issue their generation is facing and is here to help ”lighten the load.“

“#LightenTheLoad has already seen unprecedented engagement between Gen Z and the JanSport brand,” said Monica Rigali, JanSport’s senior director of marketing. “We’re finding 2020 continues to be a year of change, growth and unity which, for JanSport, reiterates the importance of truly listening to the issues that impact young people and working to provide a platform for their voices.”

JanSport kicked off the campaign in May with weekly Instagram live sessions timed for Mental Health Awareness Month, where young people tuned in to take part in open conversations between mental health experts and influencers. These sessions focused on current events that directly impact Gen Z, such as Covid-19 and Pride Month. In addition to the topical discussions, JanSport created a curated film series highlighting some of the mental health issues young people face today.