After the German pole manufacturer Leki had already carried out the first recycling projects last year, the retail trade and the consumers will now also get involved. From April to May, the Nordic Walking campaign “Old for New” will take place with retail partners in Germany. Customers have the opportunity to hand in their discarded poles - regardless of brand - at the store and purchase a special Nordic Walking model at a promotional price. Independent of the brand, Leki takes care of professional and sustainable recycling. First, the poles are pre-shredded. A screening machine then filters out the steel and aluminum components. What remains are carbon, plastic and cork residues. The metal residues are separated into aluminum and steel components by eddy current and magnetic separation. The sorted remains from the shredded carbon and the shredded plastics are separated in a multi-stage float/sink process. In the end, pure metals are left that can be melted down and used in aluminum or steel production. The plastic components are used as substitute fuels, e.g., in cement plants. The valuable carbon components are added to the melt during steel production.