Lenzing has just helped found the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI), which hopes by 2050 to replace fossil carbon with renewable carbon – from biomass, CO2, recycled materials and other sources. Overall the RCI will be creating cross-industry platforms to demonstrate the feasibility of renewable carbon, lobbying for changes to legislation, taxation and regulations, and raising awareness of renewable carbon among companies and the public. Lenzing will be striving to clean up the textiles and nonwoven-fabrics sectors in particular. The RCI is led by a German private research center called the nova-Institute. The other founders are Beiersdorf (Germany), Cosun Beet Company (Netherlands), Covestro (Germany), Henkel (Germany), LanzaTech (U.S.), Neste (Finland), SHV Energy (Netherlands), Stahl (Netherlands), Unilever (U.K.) and UPM (Finland). All founding companies have a seat on the RCI’s advisory board.