LifeStraw, a specialist in water filtration and purification for outdoor sports and recreation, has published its 2019 responsibility report. Among the most important results is the provision for 1.19 million school children in low-income communities to access clean water for one year through the brand’s retail Give Back Program. In addition, over 93,000 people were provided safe water during natural disasters in the Bahamas, India, Indonesia, Mozambique, the Philippines and Somalia. Another major accomplishment is the removal of 5.1 tons of plastic from the brand’s supply chain by moving away from some products with disposable plastic packaging materials to more sustainable packaging materials. 2019 was also the first year in which LifeStraw will have offset all its CO2 emissions in a climate-neutral manner. LifeStraw was founded in 1996 based on a partnership with the Carter Center in a joint effort to eradicate Guinea worm disease by developing a mesh filter to remove the parasite from drinking water.