Anyone who has a few minutes to spare and wants to learn more about the recycling of fishing nets can now watch the film “Giving discarded fishing nets a new start,” released on Patagonia’s YouTube channel on July 1. It is about NetPlus®, a fully traceable, 100-percent recycled fishing net material developed by the California-based company Bureo and already used in the brim stiffenings of Patagonia’s hats. NetPlus® is made from discarded nets collected from fishing communities in Chile and Argentina. The project provides financial incentives to fishermen and benefits the planet by recycling 71,000 pounds of waste per year. NetPlus® is now also used in Costa sunglasses, Carver skateboards, Futures surfboard fins, and Trek Bikes water bottle holders.

Bureo Inc. is a start-up and certified B-Corp focused on creating innovative solutions to the growing problem of ocean plastics by transforming them into positive products.

The entertaining 8 minute video tells the story of how Bureo joined forces with Patagonia to create a new solution to the overwhelming problem of plastic pollution of our oceans.