Patagonia is launching the Euro Worn Wear Tour, a journey across five European countries to encourage customers to extend the life of their garments, regardless of the brand. The tour will kick off on April 15 in the U.K. and Germany, simultaneously, and will end in France, Italy and the Netherlands. The tour will be stopping at 50 locations such as retail spots, sport events, farmers' markets and universities. Customers are invited to bring in their own products. At each stop, Patagonia will be teaching them how to fix their own gear, while offering free repairs on rips, busted zippers, tears, buttons, pulls and more. The first stop of the tour will be at the George Fisher & Nurture Lakeland blogger-fest in Keswick, in England's North West, on April 15-16. The simple act of extending the life of garments has a significant impact on the planet, as it reduces the need to buy more over time and therefore helps limit the CO2 emissions, water usage and waste output required to produce them.