Patagonia's wool supplier, Ovis 21, is at the center of an investigation by Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) after the release of a graphic video which shows sheep and lambs on two Argentine ranches being skinned while they are still alive. Ovis 21 is one of the companies of Peta's sustainable wool program. Patagonia began sourcing from Ovis 21 in 2011. Wool from the Ovis 21 farm network is used in Patagonia's baselayers and insulation. After the release of the video, Patagonia stated it accepts responsibility for everything done by its suppliers at any level, but especially in this case. The company also said it is investigating the practices shown in the video, and intends to work with Ovis 21 “to make needed corrections and improvements.” Besides the skinning of the animals while they are still alive, the three-minute long video shows workers inflicting lambs and sheep a variety of other mutilations such as castration, tail docking, and slaughter of lambs for their meat.