Polartec has announced its commitment to using 100 percent recycled materials and biodegradability across its entire product line. The new Eco-Engineering initiative, a collaboration with Unifi and Intrinsic Advanced Materials, is an extension of Polartec Eco-Engineering, a proprietary process that deploys recycled inputs to produce sustainable fabrics with enhanced performance characteristics, which includes Oeko-Tex and bluesign certifications across all Polartec facilities worldwide. The new Eco-Engineering initiative combines the Ciclo technology, developed by Intrinsic Advanced Materials, with Unifi's yarn products to promote biodegradation of polyester and nylon, along with applications in polyurethane, sea water and landfill conditions. The goal of the Eco-Engineering initiative is to create fully recycled and biodegradable fleeces and breathable waterproof membranes, as well as other knits and insulation fills.