PrAna, one of Columbia Sportswear’s brands, has announced the Responsible Packaging Movement (RPM), a program to inspire and create industry-wide change. Since 2010, prAna has taken a grassroots approach to reduce plastic and excess waste in its packaging and eliminated more than 17 million poly bags from the supply chain. Now, the brand is taking the next step, pledging to eliminate plastic from its consumer packaging by 2021, the use of ancient and endangered forests by 2022 and virgin forest fibers by 2025. PrAna is inviting all brands and consumers to join in the RPM journey.

When a brand joins the movement, prAna will share what it has learned along with other resources, including its Responsible Packaging Guides, advice through webinars and email communications, access to industry leaders via roundtable discussions, networking with like-minded brands and a social media tool kit to enable brands to share their progress. Mara Hoffman, Outerknown and Toad and Co., along with supporting non-profit partners 5 Gyres and Canopy, joined the movement at its launch.