Sherpa Adventure Gear raised $89,812.25 for its children's education foundation in Nepal last year. Sherpa sold over 350,000 products to support the ten students currently enrolled in the program across grades 4 to 9. The Sherpa Adventure Gear Foundation receives 25-cent donations on selected products sold by Sherpa to help educate the children of Nepalese sherpas. According to the company's 2018 impact report, the sale of 20,000 Sherpa products enables one Nepalese child to pay for tuition, food, lodging, extracurricular activities, school uniforms and supplies for an entire year. The sale of Yatra backpacks specifically, with a dollar per sold item, raised $2,386 for the organization Room to Read in Nepal, which supports general reading through book purchases. Nepal has been at the heart of the company's mission, so its 2018 impact report also breaks down the composition of Sherpa's staff of 1,595 Nepalese employees. More than 80 percent are women. Almost half of its Nepalese employees make clothing, including sweaters, with the other half involved in the production of hats, armbands and other accessories. Fifty-seven percent of Sherpa's clothes are made in Nepal. The rest are made in Italy, India, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Its skilled female Nepalese knitters just outside of Katmandu wove 45,231 replicas of the famous Sherpa hat in 135,693 hours.