Ternua, the producer of mountaineering apparel headquartered in Spain's Basque Country, is sponsoring Chus Lago, Verónica Romero and Rocío García as they cross the 630 kilometers of ice on Lake Baikal, the earth's oldest, deepest and most voluminous body of freshwater. They will be the first women ever to do so, and in the month they spend on the lake, with temperatures possibly dipping below -50°C (-58°F), they will triple the distance of their previous hikes in Lapland and on the Barnes Icecap of Canada's Baffin Island. Ternua will be providing technical apparel for these rough conditions. This is the third and final stage of the company's “Commitment to the Earth” project to raise awareness of the planet's melting icecaps. Chus Lago has been working with Ternua since 2008, when the company designed technical apparel for her solo crossing of the South Pole. Ternua has been committed to environmental causes since its founding in 1994, inaugurating its business with the adoption of four whales. These days, it is making apparel out recycled and PFC-free materials.