Cyndi Rhoades, the founder of Worn Again Technologiesa British technology licensing company that just recently secured €8 million in new equity capital, has convened a Circular Advisory Panel (CAP) for guidance and influence as the company progresses towards commercialisation in the circular textile economy. The CAP will help design, develop and support the adoption of Worn Again’s Circular Licensing Model, giving an authoritative and global perspective on how to successfully embed its future business in circularity.

According to the company, the CAP is a high-profile and cross-disciplinary group relevant to the development of a circular business, comprising experts from key areas within textiles circularity and our wider network: circular and systems design, manufacture, fashion and textiles, digitisation, transparency, policy, economics, waste disposal, recycling innovation and engagement. The panel will help oversee Worn Again’s progress, push for further opportunities or identify any threats from within their respective industries, and bring their unique and system-specific insight to the growing knowledge hub.

”As a circular company, we face an even steeper mountain to climb as we cannot only depend on the success of our own technology development and business model trajectory; we must also support and connect with all of the other moving elements in our circular system to succeed,” Worn Again stated in a press release.