Klarna has launched a new initiative called the Future Shopping Lab, a research project that examines how different aspects of shopping and retail experiences might look like in the future. In its first project, the Swedish-based global shopping service is exploring the future of the postal mailbox, “transforming it from a static relic into a modular platform for future e-commerce, deliveries, returns and shopping districts.” The development of the Modular Mailbox was a collaborative process in which Klarna brought together staff and external experts to develop hypotheses that are then brought to life by the creatives through visual prototypes that are intended to be inspiring and entertaining rather than functional.


Source: Klarna Future Shopping Lab

Concept idea of the Modular Mailbox

The Klarna Future Shopping Lab is an ongoing research project that examines optimistic and also rather unexpected future shopping experiences. The goal is to develop future prototypes that can inspire everyone involved in the shopping experience – from retail and urban planning to technology and logistics – to accelerate the development of shopping.