With the “Support Your Local Dealer” campaign, 25 percent of the sales of the Ortovox online shop went to local retailers during the Covid-19 store closures, which was only made technically possible by the recent relaunch of the Ortovox website and online shop. The decision to relaunch was made last year, and this already included the idea of linking the stationary trade with the company’s online shop. The mountain sports expert from Taufkirchen near Munich relies on Outtra in the new shop. The tool enables the integration of local product availability of the sports retail trade in the Ortovox online shop. Retailers connected to Outtra will also receive a digital shop window and can integrate it on their own website.

Now that the stationary partners have been able to reopen, Ortovox has decided to continue the “Support Your Local Dealer” campaign, now with 10 percent of the online sales (returns excluded). During the online checkout, the shopper is automatically shown the ten closest dealers with the billing address from which the dealer to be supported can be selected.

The new online shop also brings changes for the end consumer and encourages responsible consumption: anyone who would like to buy a desired product locally can check the availability in the online shop and then contact the retailer directly. In order to avoid unnecessary returns when ordering online and, at the same time, contribute to nature conservation, Ortovox charges a fee of €5 for returns from end consumers. For every order that is not returned, the company donates €5 for the preservation of Tarkine, Tasmania’s last rainforest and home to the Ortovox Merino sheep. Last but not least, all shipping boxes are now made of recycled paper.