The chief creative officer of Mammut, Adrian Margelist, is leaving the Swiss mountain sports and outdoor brand after more than three years. Mammut’s chief executive, Oliver Pabst, created a small sensation in early 2017 with the appointment of Margelist as creative head, as Margelist was known primarily as a fashion and accessories designer. However, the decision quickly proved to be right for the company.

The departure of Margelist is part of a new executive management structure that was initiated in February. Felix Albrecht, who has been part of the company as a designer for more than eight years, is the new head of design. Maximilian Lenk has already assumed Margelist’s place on Mammut’s board as the company’s chief product officer in February. Thanks to the realignment, Mammut hopes to focus more on its entire value chain, including the holistic optimization of end-to-end sustainability, CSR, and digitization.

Alongside these changes, Matthias Hanny, previously head of the B2C business, is now also responsible for the brand & consumer department. As Mammut’s chief commercial officer, Oliver Arndt is responsible for B2B and B2C business. Martin Dörig, who succeeds André Grube as CFO, is also a member of the management board from Sept. 1.